Advantages and Disadvantages of Entrusting Children to Parents

Advantages and Disadvantages of Entrusting Children to Parents – When it comes to work, it often makes us very busy. Our busy work often makes children feel less affectionate. Our busy lives often make children not awake. One way that we can do is entrust our children to our parents. However, there are advantages and disadvantages that you will receive when entrusting your child to your parents. Here is the review

Negative Effects of Children Entrusted at Grandpa and Grandma’s House

Gracia Ivonika, M.Psi., a psychologist, said that being in the care of her grandparents can have an emotional impact on children.

“Fulfillment of children’s emotional needs from parents can be hampered. Especially for newborns to early childhood. At that time, the role of parents to be physically and emotionally present was very important to support optimal child development,” explained psychologist Gracia.

Moreover, parenting patterns between parents and grandparents are usually different. As a result, children’s emotional and behavioral development can be disrupted.

Here are some examples of emotional and behavioral problems in children that parents can observe:

Children find it difficult to be emotionally close to their parents.
Children find it difficult to express their emotions and hide their feelings more.
Children have difficulty controlling emotions, so they can be vented in aggressive or passive behavior.
Children have difficulty obeying rules or being rebellious.
In addition, the physical and emotional conditions of the grandparents can also affect the parenting process.

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“Grandparents may be stressed by the burden of parenting. With their more limited condition than their parents, of course this has an impact on the psychological well-being of the grandparents and grandchildren they care for,” psychologist Gracia added.

Not Only Negative, There Are Also Positive Impacts

A series of negative impacts are indeed at risk when children are cared for by their grandparents. However, it is different if the communication between parents and grandparents goes smoothly.

That is, if parents and grandparents can work together in applying appropriate and consistent parenting, the child’s development will actually be a positive result.

“Especially when grandparents can meet the emotional needs of children. This can be done by building emotional closeness, openness, and being sensitive to the needs and conditions of children, “explained psychologist Gracia.

Therefore, parents and grandparents need to build intense communication about parenting.